C-5M Super Galaxy


I would, but I am out of votes, and stand by my vote desicions


That is understandable lol


I would love to see this in IF! This has been on my list for aircraft I want to see for a while. You have my vote!


Thank you sir, I appreciate it


Just bumping this to keep it alive and strong!


This would be awesome. It would add a lot of value to our sim and would be a blast to fly. You have my vote!


Thank you sir, greatly appreciated


I live near Dover AFB and see them fly over my house everyday so i definitely want to see this in the game after a C17 Rework


How about them design it while doing the C-17 rework…


That would be an awesome idea.


Got my vote on it 😊


Heck yeah!!! Thanks!!!


If i could give 2 votes i would!