C-5M Super Galaxy

The C-5M is the largest USAF cargo aircraft. It is a long range, high weight cargo aircraft. The C-5 galaxy started off its operational history at Charleston AFB, SC in June 1970. In 1998, based on a study of the airframe service life, the USAF started a modernization program also known as the reliability enhancement reengineering program (RERP). The program upgraded the avionics, navigation, air traffic surveillance and engines.

Specifications: Cargo Compartment:

Length- 247’ 10” Pallet Positions- 36
Height- 65’ 1” Max Cargo- 285,001 lbs
Wingspan- 222’ 9” Length- 143’ 9”
Power Plant- 4 CF6-80C2 GE Engines Width-19’
Thrust- 51,000 lbs per engine Height- 13’ 6”
MTOW-920,000 lbs
Cruise- Mach .77
Unrefueled Range- 7,000 NM no cargo, 5500NM 285,000 lbs cargo
Service Ceiling- 41,000 feet @ 750,000 lbs gross weight
Wing loading- 120 lb/ft^2
Take-off roll-5400’
Landing roll- 3600’
Fuel capacity-440,000 lbs


The C-5M Super Galaxy has the ability to kneel ( on the ground the landing gear will raise back up into the wheel wells dropping the height of the aircraft to make loading easier).The nose of the aircraft can open along with the aft ramp and door to allow for a drive through configuration.

Why Add:

The C-5M is a class of its own. It would create an open invitation for military pilots on IF to enjoy. If created properly many aviation enthusiasts would enjoy this model. This aircraft is truly a great model and I feel it should be added to IF.

Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8247020

Note: I searched the features section and all C-5 topics were closed

I love this idea…
Unfortunately I’m out of votes but you have my support!


Thank you sir

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I seem to recall reading an article about this aircraft, and how it was so heavy, it’s landing was enough to put cracks into the runway if executed incorrectly…
It’s an awesome looking aircraft, I imagine it would require a really large amount of work to implement!


It is in the same weight class as the 747-8.


Imagine if this was added, and the Devs put in working cargo doors and added the ability to kneel. That would be a very nice addition to the fleet!


Bumping this, the C-5M would bring invaluable long range airpower projection to IF and possibly a wide customer support structure.


Everyone in the world should see how this thing’s gear comes down… It’s quite the complicated system…


This would be absolutely so cool to fly it’s actually on my top 5 aircraft list for IF!


This is one of my favorite planes on earth. It’s truly a work of artistic engineering. Its big, powerful, and strong. U GOT MY VOTE BRO!!!


Glad to hear that good sir💪💪💪👍

I’d just rework the C-17 as there really isn’t that much of a distance :)

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There is a huge difference between the C-5 and C-17.


Would love to take this for a spin! Got my vote! 👍🏼

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As a member of GAF I would really love to see this big beauty added to the IF Military Fleet! More room to transport cargo and people!!! You got my VOTE!

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Very well written request. If I had votes I’d be voting for sure! Seeing this takeoff is like seeing something from star wars

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It is a phemonial sight. Watching them land is just as awesome. It comes in so smooth and easy lol

I’ve seen this irl, and it is massive. Great aircraft!

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You should vote for it👍

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