C-5 SuperGalaxy

I would love to see a C5 in IF as it would be a coool plane to fly around and we are lacking military jets I know we have the 130 but the C5 could be a cool cargo charter jet you could use for military heavy lift missions instead of say the C17, which is very outdated and needs a rework. You would have different USAF operators such as Dover , Travis and Westover.

Here are some specifications that they could add

  • Live Cockpit
    Nose Opening
    Open Doors

I hope the plane gets added to IF because it would be nice and it one of my favorite jets.

It’s a nice plane, but unfortunately I don’t have any more votes left.
You can vote for your own request.

I know it’s a different variant but it’s the same plane, it would be great if I was in IF

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This would be really cool to have in infiniteflight! Especially if it had the nose cargo door!

The beast needs to be added

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