C-27J Spartan



The Alenia C-27J Spartan is a military transport aircraft developed and manufactured by Leonardo’s Aircraft Division. The RAAF, USCG and many more operators own this aircraft.

My Thought

I think this would be good for Infinite Flight because we would have more military aircraft to choose from and there are lots of operators that operate this aircraft. This will also be good for USCG-IF as they are a operator.

Possible Liveries

Italian Air Force
Bulgarian Air Force
Mexican Air Force
Peruvian Air Force
Hellenic Air Force

But they added AC-130 , -H -J and J-30 which are all very similar to th C-27J that you are requesting…
In my opinion other aircraft have a higher priority than this one

Sure but it’s still nice to have a feature request. Maybe one day we’ll be surprised 😉

I agree but dont expect it anytime soon… We still don’t have the A330 rework which has 100+ votes:)

700+ votes actually 🤔

exactly😂😂 thats what im saying …