C-17s and Other Traffic at KPSP

Hello, IFC,

I know… another spotting topic… Misha will get mad at me…

But these ones are good for once!

I went to the aviation museum at KPSP, climbed (legally) on the roof of a DC-3 and took these pics (from above the fence) 😏

I also had fun with aperture and autofocus.

My Instagram is @alvar_j.l

Here we go :)

A small jet reverse thrusting on the runway…

A United Express E175 reverse thrusting with the terminal in the background.

In my previous topics, I put birds in my photos, so here is a second crow for @anon38496261 :) :) :)

An American Airlines 737-800 blasting into the hot afternoon sun

Why am I even writing these?

A beautiful bird landing for @RotorGuy :)

A C-17 having it’s tail fixed

Finally, the golden livery in the golden desert!

Thank You!

After these photos, I got a sunburn on my left arm and now it hurts and I put water on it and it doesn’t help and it still hurts and that was a run on sentence…

I will make a spotting topic about the museum, but only if you want me to…
Should I?

  • Yes
  • No

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I got a fancy KC-135 pin from the museum, too!

Have a nice day!

Misha, pleez don’t get mad at me 🥺

Thank You!


Crow: ✅ ✅
Seagull: ⭕️
Hummingbird: ✅
Blue Jay: ⭕️

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Just curious…
Which was your favorite? Why?

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C17 is hOt


Oh wow that VH-3D Looks like HMX-1’s!


Is that Marine one?


That McGuire AFB C-17 is gorgeous


You poor guy. I never seem to sunburn. The big question however, in your opinion was the crispy skin worth it for those photos?


Very noice very noice 👌

Nice bird too 😂

I caught an owl tryna break into the airport when I went spotting the other day.

Let me see if I can find the pic.

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This is Tony. Tony needs to not break into airports any more. He could get himself and other people very hurt 😔

If you or a loved one have recently been affected by a bird strike, dial +1 (800) 096-TONY. That’s +1 (800) 096-TONY

Lol 😂


Nice loved the Alaska one


I have called for Tony recently destroying all of my photos by flying in front of them. On second thought he makes them better.


The private jet is a Cessna Citation V and the turboprop is a PC-12

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Did they fire any flares or anything to help scare the birds away?

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Nice! Love the blurring you’re doing. Really like that AA737 the tail stands out against the mountains.

That small jet happens to be a Cessna 560 Citation. Tail numbers and google are wonderful things.

Lol ok then

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