C-172 Nose Wheel Steering Malfungtion/CORRECTED

ADDEMDUM:0626152045Q. Successful Launch & Recovery. No Malfungtion Noted. Probable unexplained Pilot Induced Malfungtion.

Utilizing an IPADAir with App Store version of IF loaded and online in Live noted a C172 Nose Wheel malfunction on three occasion this week while taxiing. Observed; Nose wheel shimmy, uncontrollable steering, non responsive peddles. Aircraft tended to circle to the right. First noted with Nose wheel set at “auto-coordination”, reset to non- coordinated malfunction persisted. Reloaded 172, Malfuntion persisted this sortie, changed aircraft to a C-208 no wheel Malfuntion noted. Experience periodic and similar malfunctions with 172 Ground Steering over the last few day. Max Sends

On the iPad the App Store version of the app is the only existing :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, your problem should be related to a wrong calibration of the device.
Another “bug” due to coupling of nose wheel and rudder button: it’s still impossible perform crosswind landings, 'cause once the nose wheel touches the ground, the aircraft steers heavily in one direction.

Tell me about it LMan… did the recal bit and even rebooted. I enjoy the 172 and sure hope it’s a ez fix program bug. As for the “App Store” version, just following the rules: “Provide as much information as possible about your device make, model, os version, etc…” Regards, Max sends

If the 172 is malfunctioning that can’t be good-That’s the airplane I plan on using when i finally decide to purchase live.

Best, Boeing707

I used the Cirrus SR22 and the C172 I like the cirrus more

Are you turning too rapidly? Because a large steering input at high speeds can certainly cause a spin out.

Thanks for the input Dan. I’ve been flying this IF 172 without a problem even when she did’t have a 3d Cockpit back in the day. I know this aircraft well, used to service them at a flight school at an FBO in the DC area back in the 90’s in the real world. Serviced, Towed and fueled this fine machine and know the appendages and airframe well. it surprised me when the nose wheel malfunctioned on the initial roll from the barn. In Recip GA I never exceed 20 mph on the apron or taxiways if it’s a high wing loaded airframe particularly on a windy day. I’m not a techie, either I or the system failed me on these hops. I’d like to know where the fault lies. Regards, Max Sends

Bob, A Cirrus, The need for speed! To each his own. I don’t like the high dash, poor vis or the side stick on this modern marvel. I stick with the Super D, C-172 and C-208 for pleasure travel. I’m still waiting for a Super Cub, a Porter, a DC-3, and a KC-130J. In IF the trash haulers pay the bill. I’ll suffer in silence. Regards, Max Sends

DC-3 is a must.

PC-6 is ok.

Best, Boeing707