C-172 Issues on new update

The new update has the C-172 having issues on climbs and descents. I was trying to get my landings up and do some pattern work since the grade requirements changed. Any way you can fix this or check into it. image|800x600

What type of issues are you having? Also, why did you link a picture of your grade table?

When I fly the C-172 I can not fly above 500ft. It starts to stall. I added my stats to show you that new grading system is slightly unfair to those who have been flying for a long time. Really just the landing requirements. I am all for making expert servers as efficient as possible. I am just very busy and it is difficult to do landings all the time. Just have to do more pattern work I guess. Thank you.

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What’s your V/S when climbing?

Also can you move the category of the topic to #live please?

  1. But I have tried multiple different ways and it stalls out.

Are you climbing at full throttle? And also what is your weight and the altitude of the airport. Sorry for all the questions

Full throttle and starting climb/takeoff at 60kn. Total weight 2295lbs

Airport altitude?

F45 / North Palm Beach County General and 21ft

Is your mixture full rich (100%) to maximize engine performance?

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Is your fuel mixture 100%? I just took off at that airport with the same weight and climbed to 3000ft with no problem

Yes. I just did the same thing. Do you stall while climbing out all?

No not at all. I climbed with no flaps at a steady 75-80 knots. At 2000, I accelerated to 85-95 knots

Any winds?

I just tried it again. It was all normal. Not sure why it stalled like that before. Mixture 100% engine performance at maximum then stalls during takeoff at a steady rate between 60-80 knots with a v/s between 300-500. Strange but maybe I did something wrong. Thank you for help.

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Glad I could help bud

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