C-17 Stall

Hi guys I need some help because I keep stalling in the Globe master when I take of or I try to do patter work with it. It is one of my favorite planes and I don’t wan’t to stop flying it. Can I have some help please.

You may be very heavy on weight which can lead up to this and is a factor for this.

But the problem is I wasn’t.

The C-17 have old physics, you have to fly fast and not above 20,000 it was i found

I’ll try thanks.

You could vote for a rework here:

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Here are some tips for the C-17

  1. When Manoeuvring try and use around 10° Flaps

  2. Going above FL200 is fine… I’m doing it now

  3. For landing I like to go 160kts and depending on your weight 30 or 40° Flaps


  5. Enjoy the Moose!

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Don’t ever trust the autopilot in it unless you packed a parachute or bungee cord !

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I think this could be its flight physics. It’s an older and undeveloped plane since it has been released.

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