C-17 Spoiler Glitch

I noticed that the C-17 ground spoilers don’t appear when activated, even though it says they are activated.

Device: iPhone XR

If I remember correctly, the C-17 Globemaster does not have animated spoilers, now I could be wrong, but I do believe the C-17 doesn’t have animated spoliers.

The C-17 Is so old that I’m pretty sure the only things it has animated are gear, flight control surfaces and flaps. Probably the aircraft most in need of a rework, even if we don’t use it very often. I mean, have you seen the cockpit?

Yeah the cockpit looks nice, why? I think you could be right though, it is old

I agree, look at this beauty

It’s got see-through floor for extra see, many centerline accuracy

credit: me

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The amount of detail put into the chairs is amazing. I agree.


No animations.