C-17 problem

when you level off in cruise in a c-17, any speed above about 220kts ands you start to go up and down until you loose control, I’ve reproed many times.

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It is a propellor plane. I don’t know it’s max speed but it can’t do what the jets can do. Not sure if 220kts is the right speed or not. @Tyler_Shelton would know.

C-17 is a military cargo turbine aircraft. It’s also known as the C-17 Globemaster if that rings a bell more.

You definitely shouldn’t have any issues at that speed. I am still working on having a friend that flies the A10 hook me up with some C17 data :smile:


I can give you some data for the f-16 Tyler!

Any news on how and why this issue is there? Would love to fly the C-17 GMIII more but the AP instability puts me off!

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Why is the issue there: old flight model. It’ll be solved when they make a new one from scratch. Think about the old A321 and how bad it was until it was fixed.

I know WHY it is there, was same with A321 and also the Emb models as well. Was woundering if this model will be included in a re-working?

Of course it will. Its still in use isn’t it?

Well that is because the flaps are go downwards so just like crj with max flap it will go up. Also, flaps aren’t supposed to be used this fast.

I’ve tried to fly the C-17 out of KDAG (Barstow-Daggett airport), but cannot because the aircraft is “too big”. I know for a fact that C-17’s have flown in and out of KDAG, because I was there when they did it (early 90’s). There were several of the big beasts on the military ramp - we had to move all of our helicopters to accommodate…Also, why is there no autopilot or “Approach” feature? It’s one of the most advanced aircraft in the inventory, and DOES have this feature. Can these be addressed in the next upgrade?