C-17 Gear

The wheels appear to be overlapping in-game. This is most likely a graphics issue.


I wouldn´t be surprised, I´ve also had my share of bugs in the game, a.k.a the aircraft going through the ground, constant crashes and not being able to use the Shuttle.


The Shuttle uses 22°angle of descent until around 2200ft, then begins flare out with final speed at touchdown at 199. Hard to replicate, not impossible I presume, without the Microwave Landing System (MLS not ILS) that’s proprietary to the Shuttle at time of design.

I mean that my game crashes whenever I try to use the Shuttle.

Guys, this is not the place to talk about the Space shuttle. If you have concerns about it create a new bug report. Thanks. :)


I’m sorry, didn’t intend to be rude. I actually have no complaints about the Shuttle.

Probably coz it’s one of the models that has no animations or HD graphics. It will be updated but I can’t say when

I wouldn’t really bother reporting bugs on older aircraft like this; it will be redone from scratch at some point before this individual bug is fixed :)


True… There are a couple other bugs with the C-17. Might as well wait for a redo of the model and physics.

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