Are IFATC people all meant to know how the C-130 lands?

Can you explain your question?

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I want to be aware that all IFATC know how the C-130 lands (dive)

Well in the past they have been many military events many IFATC will know how the C130s land

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I believe they know how C130s and the rest of the aircraft land typically?

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The developers recently made many tutorials on YouTube regarding of the C130.

I think you are wondering if IFATC know how to do a assault landing in the C130 ?

To answered the question directly:
Yes, the know: it lands like any other plane by following the glideslop on final.

As symple as it is: it doesn’t matter. If they vector you to a certain attitude you have to follow. And as long as you have no options to let them know that you want to practice assault landings the have no other choice anyway. So better do not train assault landing in controlled airspace. Even do not do this in any other frequented airspace, it’s kind of offensive.

As long as we have no dedicated military ATC commands there is no safe way to do assault landings in controlled airspace.


Also, this should go in #atc or #live.

The C-130 is perfectly capable of performing a standard 3-degree glide slope landing. In a busy IFATC, just keep things simple by avoiding special approaches.

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