C-130s and close F-18s at APA!

On Sunday, 2 C-130s (Navy and Marine) as well as 4 accompanying VMFA-323 ‘Death Rattlers’ F/A-18C Hornets came and left KAPA (Centennial Airport). Have a look at the pictures, and tell me what you think!


Rare U.S. Navy C-130


Marine C-130!


APA being a GA airport, you can’t forget the obligatory Cessna 182!

Gulfstream G200 owned by IAI lands!

Interesting, this one: A Hawker Sea Fury, formerly operated by the Royal Navy!

One of four VMFA-323 F/A-18Cs sits, waiting for its’ pilot to climb in.


And these F-18s rush out for takeoff, flying at blazing fast speeds, eager to head back to Miramar!

That essentially concludes my pictures from that awesome day!

What is your favorite shot?

  • C-130, Navy
  • C-130, Marines
  • C182
  • G200
  • Hawker Seafury
  • F/A-18Cs

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Thanks for looking at these shots!


Man do I love the hornet…

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So do I! Shame they are being retired, but it’s something that’s inevitable. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see F-35s here one day!

We have plenty of hornets in Canada… and we have yet to find a replacing aircraft…

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Wowee nice job

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You’ve got some of the best shots around. Great work! :)

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@GaplessHiding @MrMrMan Thanks a million! Glad to know that my shots are considered nice!


Yes, very n i c e

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A e s t h e t i c , I s e e.

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I might just have to get a camera one day and we can go spotting. Maybe you could teach me a thing or two about it 🤣

No but seriously, you’re got some great photos. I always love seeings pictures from you on your Instagram because they’re always such high quality. Keep it up! :)

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It’s always amazing to hear a compliment, or even criticism, as I’m always learning. If you do get a camera, hit me up. 🤣

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Wow! Amazing shots! I love the lower shutterspeed on them! Keep up the good work :D

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Murica! Heck yeah!

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Thanks, been trying low shutter speed, and it’s been working out nicely!

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