C-130J Sorties in the Range

Hey all, today I felt like doing some military flying so I hopped in a C-130J-30 and flew up the to NTTR and did something called sorties. The definition is a 1-2 hour flight the replicates the Air Force emerging from a defense position to an attack. Currently, the Green Flag event is being held as we speak, so this makes this somewhat realistic other then the fact that I flew the Little Rock AFB livery.

Lining up 03L at Nellis AFB.

Taking the flex departure (not really able to flex in a C-130) to the north 💪

A little escort by @adhill008 😉

2 planes in one moonshot 🌝

Super Shiny Hercules

I had to degrade the quality because the file was to large.

Vibing by the Mountains ⛰

Same quality here so had to degrade it.

Q u i z T i m e, 51% had correctly answered the last one!

Which mountain is in the background of this shot? Hint: It’s one if the mountains to surround Las Vegas.
  • Mount Homey
  • Muddy Mountains
  • Hayford / Sheep Peak
  • Mount Charleston

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On that tactical descent for the Sin City Visual 03L 🤟🏼

Mission complete, return to ramp as another mission takes-off.


Very hot ItsEgg

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Anyways, I wonder what cargo is in there

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Good question, completely forgot to state what the mission was for, ItsUnsmart…

Anyways I only had 13 people aboard including the pilots, this mission is a scout mission so we’d look for enemy forces from the ground below with the support of a few other aircraft.

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Great pictures! Such an underrated photogenic aircraft!


Dope pictures!


Nice pictures!