C-130J Becoming Invisible? Infinite flight becoming invisible flight?

Hi there, as of now, I have noticed what appears to be a bug with infinite flights C-130J, this has happened to me twice in a row, first time I just reset and rejoined the sever, second time I thought this was more of a bigger issue. As you will see in the images below, my aircraft all of a sudden goes invisible to me, I’m unsure if others see me disappear too, but that’s the least of my worries. I’m able to see the GUI of the HUD and external lights but nothing else, could someone perhaps shed light on this?


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I’m having this problem too… I’ve been spawning multiple times into Kabul but my plane keeps on disappearing… anyone know how to fix this?

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Its a bug and as of now I don’t think there is a way to fix it

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Exactly my problem and circumstances, departure from Kabul and all of a sudden I can’t see anything!

This has been reported before but the old topic was closed. Interestingly enough the other C130 was near Bagram too


Must be still a known issue. But happened to me only once in a time.

Bargram seems to be the new Bermuda triangle


Interestingly I was on final after a fairly long flight in a DC-10F, and as soon as I was about to land, my aircraft disappeared. I have a feeling this isn’t just limited to the C-130J nor just Kabul.

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It’s not. Afaik this can happen anywhere on global.

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Let me try spawning a commercial airliner on Kabul as most of the cases are military planes.

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hi @Sebbers,

can you remember at all if there were any other aircraft near you, and if so what they were?


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At the time of the second incident, I think there were a couple other C-130’s, DC-10F’s and a C-17, though there may have been an A321 nearby.

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