C-130J-30 cruise

What is the cruise speed (in Mach) and cruise altitude of the C-130J-30 ? Thanks in advance

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Given that the service ceiling is FL290 and mach starts being used at FL280, what you’re really looking for is the cruise Indicated Airspeed.

You’ll find that 260kts at FL250 and higher is about the top end that you can get out of it when loaded.

The lower you are FL200 - FL240, you can look at speeds in the 270-280k range. Its very difficult to get up to FL290 unless you’re really light on fuel and cargo.


@Edoardo_C. MaxSez On the Hurk-J, my experience real world.
( from extemporaneous notes )

Cruise: Economy=292k (Med Load)
Max= 330K (+/- based on wt)
Ceiling: 33000 Ft (empty)
23000 Ft. (gross)

I Fly the IF J a lot and use these numbers. I cruise at FL 230/ economy/combat load)
Each Real J is different based on shop IMA time)



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