C-130H Brazilian Air Force

It would be a pleasure for him to appear in the IF.image


Bit late now, it’s already out!


It’s not out for me!

Lol its never too late * cough cough hotfix cough cough *


Its released for Android. Sooner will be Apple. Just wait.

Now I want a android just to fly in this plane xD


I have android and I don’t have it…

They probably forgot to update the what’s new area

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This is sad. =(

Lol I had it yesterday but I didn’t realize because when I went to where they select the planes I was thinking c-130 was gonna start with a ‘C’ so I went to the ‘C’ planes section and I didn’t find any C-130.

I woke up, went back and realized c-130 starts with a ‘L’! Lockheed C-130.

But you have it now right? Apple users.

We don’t, at least I don’t 😐

That’s sad.

Love that camouflage livery.

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