C-130 won’t fit at USCG Spots KPIE

I put this in live because you can park there in Solo Mode and it’s not a support issue or features request.

US Coast Guard Station Clearwater (FL) - KPIE is assigned the HC-130H and the MH-60 Jayhawk but in live mode you can’t park/spawn at the USCG side of the airport with a C-130.

Can this be fixed and who would, DEVs or Airport Editors?


Please post this on here :)

Ok, thanks

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I have changed 2 spawns to accommodate the C-130s. This airport would need a redo but for now the spawns will be changed.


When would it take effect? I just relogged in and it updated the navigation database but all the spots at the USCG ramp are still red

You will have to wait until the next scenery update.

It will take effect in the next scenery push. So you have to wait roughly a month now.
Thanks for your patience!

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