C-130 Shadow Looks Like a Q-400 Shadow

Version Information

21.1 (931)

Device Information

IPad 9.7 IOS 14.4.2

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While I was flying patterns at an airport yesterday. When I looked down at the shadow of the C-130 and it looked like it was a Q-400 shadow when I was flying the C130

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Select any C-130 variant
  • Select the Solo Mode
  • Go to any airport and takeoff
  • Look down using the Normal Camera or using the Bottom Camera of the C130

Expected results

The shadow should replicate the aircraft

Actual results

The C-130 shadow looked like a Q-400 shadow with only 2 engines showing.

More Information


Wow. Nice catch!


Device: iPhone 12 Pro (13,3), iOS 14.4.2
Infinite Flight Version: 21.01 (931) - 8A095BB3

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I can dig it

Nice catch, but it’s not a beta-specific issue. Just tried it out on the RTM 20.3 version, and saw no change. πŸ™‚

Feel free to make a topic for this in #support, or even #features if you would like to see this changed.

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