C-130 Rework


liveries we should get

Blue Angels

all ex raf 🤤

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I’d love to see this rework. One of the most iconic planes of all time, longest military service of any aircraft at 67 years and likely to reach 80 years of service with some countries. I saw one fly over Hampshire last week and used to see them flying low over my dad’s farm in the Mendip hills in the 90s, often in pairs. Truly awesome sound. Made me want to be a herc pilot when I grew up as I thought they probably had more fun than fighter pilots making maximum effort landings. Cmon IF let’s put some polish on on a true living legend!

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Operational hud and a “bubble” cam for the top would be so cool. Would be awesome if we could have simulated cargo in the back when weight is added.

Maybe some Air National Guard Aircraft too 👀


Indeed, would be great to have a rework with ANG frames, some 8 bladed prop versions would go down a treat too.


If this rework were to happen, it would see EGSC used quite a bit. Especially if we get the liveries that fly there regularly for maintenance.

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I would love to see the C130 reworked most likely the J version would be reworked and the rest of them would be scrapped which would be fine with me especially now that the blue angels have the C-130 J

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Would love to see a rework of this fantastic aircraft in the near future. Sadly June next year, the Royal Air Forces C-130J Fleet will be retired.

Would be great to have a virtual memory of this important type. Also there’s so many unique civil and military versions of this aircraft that would be great in game.


Hopefully this gets a soft rework in the near future. Would be the most versatile rework in IF to date.


I strongly support the rework of this incredible aircraft. 🤩
She with the painting of the Brazilian Air Force looks beautiful!🇧🇷




Quite sad that this doesn’t have much attention…


The Herc desperately needs a rework.

  • More liveries (USAF) for the C-130H (Dyess red, blue and Texas flag tail).

  • The ability to offload cargo weight in the air(Air drop) .

  • Remove the ability to reverse props in flight and fix CG problem.

  • Crew door to be able to open as well as troop and cargo ramp and door.

  • Correct the callsigns be fixed to actually match the C-130s represented. One example - The AC-130 is an AC-130H Spectre from the 16th SOS, not an AC-130U spooky from the 4th SOS.


We need the shark mouth added to the Moody C-130J please


Got to see the hurricane hunter WC-130! Would love the C-130 in game actually look like this!

  1. Black spinners/props please. Not sure why they didn’t do that as they already have the dash 8 with the black spinners…

  2. Different sounds. The C-130 sounds in game sound nothing like irl. The Dash 8 sounds are more realistic.

  3. Live cockpit, maybe working HUD?

  4. Improved textures.



HC-130P Combat King! Same exterior model as the C-130H and would go great with the Moody AFB J-model, especially now that we have the base in 3D.

This is the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) version of the C-130, which serves as an airborne tanker for CV-22 Ospreys and HH-60s , and before that, Pave Lows. They also sometime refuel the MH-60s and MH-47s of the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, nicknamed the Nightstalkers.

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More specifically, a HC-130P Combat King II. Those guys are dedicated airborne refuelers and the downed airman’s best friend, besides a HH-60w Jolly Green II.

Are you suggesting that we have multiple AC-130 variants in-game? Because if you are, I like it.

Look, if it was up to me, I say have every variant of AFSOC 130s.

And other operators too ;). Given that recent history shows, that one model can only be selected for development I would go for the C-130J as offers better performance and flexibility with different types all round.

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