C-130 Rework


A lot of people probably won’t understand this request, because it is a fairly new addition to the sim and looks beautiful. But there are some very much needed fixes for my baby.

First off, the planes exteriors look beautiful!! No complaints there.
But first request: please update the cockpit of the H model and AC130. They are not J model and look nothing like them, literally has a third chair in the middle for the flight engineer.

Second, possibly the most annoying: the power/throttle, very inacurate. First you must understand, this is a constant speed engine, meaning the prop and engine are always spinning at 100%RPM (unless in low speed ground idle). So we gain power by changing blade angle. We almost always taxi in low speed ground idle, blade angle at or right above 0°. Most times we let of the brakes, and the aircraft moves without having to move the throttles. In the sim you have to push power above 35%. That should not be. When we do push Power up, it should be more responsive and powerful than what is shown in the sim.
Second max reverse is more powerful and is not simply the same as push back. I should have no issue landing on a 1000’ runway and stopping with only max reverse. It should stop me within a few seconds.

The next issue the maneuverability: yes it is a cargo plane, but it does not handle like one. We fly tactical navigation missions through the mountains with fighters chasing us. It doesn’t take me ten seconds to roll to the left. This needs to be way more sensitive than what it is in the sim. The same with the yaw and pitch. If you’ve ever flown on one, you’d be very surprised to see us pull 3Gs easily.

4 minor fixes: the ramp should not fully open in the air, you should be able to steer while reversing, the landing lights need to retract and extend, and the white beacon is not on the wings, but on the bottom and top of the fuselage when we change it from red to white for day and night.

If I need to clarify anything or if anyone needs help further understanding this, please let me know. Hope this gets to the devs!!
I leave you with a picture of the flight station.


Excellent request mate! Cleared a vote for it so I could vote on this one 😊


You seem to use “we” a lot, are you a C130 pilot?

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Check his Profile, he is a KC-130T pilot for the Marine Corps.


I support this request!
I think the C-130 package could be done a lot better, I felt like it wasn’t done as good as it could of been. Glad see this request from an actual Herc guy!


Thanks gents! Didn’t want to go to much in to detail, but it has annoyed me since it came out. It’s a hard plane to get right tbh. Unless you’ve flown in it, and controlled it, you’d never know. Its like I said, I’m more than willing to give the info it needs!! I’m sure you are too.


Love the detail in your request. But forget about the sim, I want to come to your next “bring your kid to work” day!

Thank you for your service!


Good idea! Would like to see a new Herc

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This gets my vote. I’ve found the C-130 to be quite ponderous. It would be great if it was closer to the real aircraft.


I love it good Idea the C130 in IF is very under-powered plus thank you for your service:)
I would love to vote but can’t I don’t have anymore sorry:):(


Thank you for your service


No need to thank us for serving, we should thank you for paying your taxes. ;) @DenverChris and @Michael_Czyz

Like I said in the post, I really don’t know which is most annoying, the lack of power, or the lack of manuverability. I’m so happy to see others recognize this though!


For your all’s esay. I am not a pilot of the Herc, just lucky enough to sit center seat as the Flight Engineer. Way better than being a pilot, you own the plane. If the pilots messed up, I’d have no issue taking the throttles or even controls. It’s happened quite a bit. You would see the pilots over torque or overshoot the temps as transition pilots a lot. The FE would simply say “my throttles” and the instructor pilot would just start laughing because the younger pilots basically just got you know what slapped.


It’s the least I can do you guys put your life on the line to protect us. You guys mean the world to me I really appreciate it you guys inspire me so much

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I agree, the cockpit looks just horrible.

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A little bump for this rework request as we could definetily use a reworked C130 in GAF/EAF 😉


Did you go through KABQ by chance?


If you’re asking have I ever landed there, yes.


This looks like a reasonable request. I remember we had the power/blade discussion when this plane was introduced and at that point there wasn’t a way to accomplish this with the resources we had available. Might be worth revisiting but it’s not my call :)

My gut says that if we did an update to this before the C17, there would be a mutiny! We have lots of requests for that one since the model really isn’t up to par.

Thanks, David. I’ll mention this one to the developers.


You could update everything before this, and someone would be upset becuais you didn’t add some obscure home made GA plane. Sometimes I feel bad for you guys, thanks for you’re hard work, and keep it up! 😀