C-130 Reverse Thrust not working with joystick

Device: Samsung S7 Galaxy Edge

Solutions tried: I’ve tried restarting my device, reinstalling the app and reconnecting the joystick

Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3D pro

Platform and app: LiveFlight Connect for Windows 10

Issue: I’ve used this joystick with multiple aircraft and everything works completely fine, but whenever i configure the reverse thrust on the C-130 i only hear the sound of it working but it doesn’t actually work. I can still use my device to control the reverse thrust, but am unable to use my joystick.

Note: This is only for reverse thrust on the C-130, everything else works great.


I have had the same issue , i just gave up and fly the C130 manually now.


I presume this is a liveflight connect issue. You should let @Cameron know. :)

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Does it work if you hold the button for reverse thrust whilst adjusting the throttle axis?


i just tried that, it works thank you!


I’m sorry to be a bit off topic here, but is the S7 supported finally? I asked about it a while ago and it wasn’t supported @Cameron

you mean with live flight connect?

Yes, is that what you’re using to use your joystick?

yea, it works great! haven’t had any major issues.

Any device should work fine. If you’re experiencing any connection issues, it’s likely due to your network setup (or how your phone connects to WiFi). Not much I can do on my end to fix support for these issues, I’m afraid.


I mean, he’s using an S7 Edge, I have an S7, should be the same

Not necessarily as it’s highly dependent on your local network setup :)

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Ah ok, I just moved so I’ll see if it works, thanks Cam

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