C-130 Restrictions Unrealistic

Good Afternoon all. I am hoping to bring this topic to the Devs attention.

First let me say I understand why gate restrictions were put in effect, and they were needed in most cases.
But, when it comes to Some planes, C130’s specifically, they are unrealistic. As a C130 guy who has been to numerous tiny and large airports, ranging from multiple mile long runways to dirt strips, we can, and do, fly them all.
The important part, we also land and stay overnight at small regional and even just local, airports as well. No we do not pull into a gate, but we do sometimes park on the GA line. More often than not. We actually prefer to stay at smaller places, as they are very accommodative to us. (And we pay for an entire years worth of gas as well for them).

But I feel strongly that most of these gate restrictions should be lifted for C130s so I may spawn and fly smaller airports, as we do in real life. Please.


There will be changes to this. It’s known that it’s needed :)


Awesome news! Thank you!


Need to start somewhere. This was expected and is always hard to get right initially :)


I agree that it is needed. And I also know people would never understand why a C130 needs to spawn in at a helicopter hanger, but I can provide pictures! Lol. We are the workhouse of the Marine Corps, we go and do everything. Pick stuff up from odd places and drop people off in even weirder places.

But thank you again for responding.


Sorry to just butt in here, but your super right. I knew multiple C-130 pilots, and have seen a C-130 land at a pretty small airport.

I am just glad you guys are fixing the problem. It bugs me a bit too.


The Editing team deserves all the credit for working on a fix for this :)


Oh yeah, I always forget the AET are the ones who set size restrictions. Thanks AET for it, and thanks Seb for it as well!