C-130 nosedive

Hi all! First post so please don’t bite :)
I had a bit of a mare whilst on final for KSAN. I was approaching with full flaps and a light load (hate flying with it heavy) at around 180kts. Just as I was lining up for the runway, the aircraft nosedived out of the sky- there was no stall indicator and I regularly recalibrate the yoke. I was able to save the dive just about and power out of it, which meant having to go around, this annoyed me even more because ATC had me going around in circles for 10 minutes haha


Can you list your device, and your OS Version

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C130 full flaps at 180kias? That’s far too fast for full flaps. Load on landing should always have the fuel load at very low. This needs manual adjusting by the user.
Do not use auto pilot for approach and landing, reduce speed to no more than 135 kias with full flaps. Maintain a slight nose up attitude while sinking about 500fpm +/- adjust with reducing or increasing speed as needed.


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