C-130 Mission over Fiordland

I decided to try something totally different, and I found the beautiful RAF C-130. Great for some low level fast flying over the Fjords, mountains and valleys at the south western tip of New Zealand!

Server : Casual (need to fly above 250kts)

Dept: Invercargill (NZNV)
Arr : Queenstown (NZQN)

Route : via the south western coast, Fjords, Lake Manapouri, Lake Wakatipu

Mission Brief : A VFR navigation training exercise, interrupted by a call to search for a family of rare penguins (that have orange feathers on their heads) who have strayed away from their nest and got lost in the mountains

The Photos

The Crew set course for the coast :

The low sun catches this beautiful beast :

The call comes in to look for the missing penguins :

Not going to be easy to find them out here :

But we’re enjoying the extra time flying this bird around these mountains :

We hear the news that the penguins have been found by some trampers, we can finally head to Queenstown :

The western end of Lake Wakatipu :

Descent towards Rwy 05 :

Having not flown the C-130 before I was very much doubting that I’d get it onto the runway, however, pleasant surprise, it turned out to be quite a good landing 😀 :

A fun flight over some spectacular scenery, and all in a good cause …hope you liked the pics !



This is awesome. Love your creativity with the mission

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Nice photos, great scenery around the area. The approaches into Queenstown are beautiful… thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your replies… I can really recommend some search and rescue over Fiordland!

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