C-130 Low Level Flight Ended in Tragedy

I was flying a low level mission (well, low for this game) staying around 1000’ agl from KLCK Rickenbacker to KOKC Will Rogers World Airport, Through Dayton, Oh, Indianapolis, Ind. Springfield Mo, Whiteman AFB in Mo, over the top of KNVD airport and what was to lead me through McConnell AFB, Tinker AFB and then land at KOKC. I was staying right around 1000agl (I would have gone lower but I hated hearing the “too low Terrain” Bitch’n Bart) . Right over KNVD airport, everything went to crap. The plane became uncontrollable. There was some mild to severe low level turbulence up near Springfield and that is what this may have been. It acted like one of the airliners trying to get to 40k+ while overweight. Violently pitching up and down and then over like a stall. It kicked off the autopilot and I was unable to save her. “Crew, Pilot… Sorry”


Odd flex but ok


A challenge not a flex…plus, I crashed so it was a rather crappy flex.
I will attempt again soon with better planning. This was an off the shelf mission that I modified.

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