C-130 Jump Light


Assuming you can take the free cam inside the cargo hold, or if theres a special camera view for it (if a dev wants to hint at it I’d appreciate it a lot, wink wink), I thought that since we have a wonderful cargo door that opens for the C-130, it would be really cool to have a jump light implemented. It can be activated with a button near the seatbelt button. I’m not sure if it creates a sound, so if anyone knows please feel free to mention it down below!

From this picture it seems to be buried deep in the plane (angles and whatnot), but I’ve seen other photographs of it on the left side of the main door, and on the right side of the side doors. If you also know the positioning of the lights, please comment below.


looks cool, they don’t make sounds, I’ve been in one, when it was activated. I hope there is a special cargo hold camera, of the thingy. maybe in solo, there are little jumpers, or maybe MISSIONS!! plz IF, ad this!


Hahah so I guess that sound was just a video game thing lmao.

yup, it was, I’ve been in a real C-130


It looks really cool! I could just imagine activating the rear door and turning on the green light and the drill Sargent says “OK MEN, MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!”. This is an amazing military aircraft!


If it wasn’t visible it would still be cool to have a button for it like the seat belt sign in commercial planes. What would be even cooler os to have the door open like on the NSA 747:-D


One word.Irrelevant

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So a button that doesn’t do anything? Great idea!

This should mean there is a cam view for it (click text)

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Yes I know it doesn’t do anything pertinent to the sim, but neither does the seatbelt sign, smoking sign. It add a cool distinct feature to the plane. The 747 has the telescope, 787 has wingflex, c130 has the door that opens. This would just add a cool flair to the door. I’ll agree it’s useless at the end of the day, but it makes the aircraft more distinct. But to each their own