C-130 Infinite Flight Livery

Ok, so we know the C130 is coming:-) But there are not that many liveries available for that plane. I think it would be super cool if the new plane had the 2016 FDS livery.
What do you think?


some retro color schme would do…2016 fds i dont think will look nice


Yeah great idea cause the 2016 if livery is only on the 787 8

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The 2015 FDS one would look A tiny bit cooler

We already have an FDS livery on the 787, it would look like a waste to add it to the C-130.

Look at the older FDS liveries, they are on multiple planes.


I know, but adding another livery would be a waste. I don’t see a point in adding the same new livery to this aircraft when its already available on the 787.

787 and C-130 are totally different planes.
Just like we have many Delta, American, United, British, KLM planes, why wouldn’t we need IF livery on the C-130.

Might be pretty hard to understand


We have all those commercial liveries because the same airline operates different aircraft under their brand.
Why would we need another FDS livery on another new plane to begin with?

I’ll just say, who doesn’t want extra liveries on a plane which doesn’t really have a ton of different liveries.

Agreed @The_Greatest_Basket

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No, we don’t, we believe it’s the C-130. Seeing is believing☻


Retro FDS livery?

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C130 period:-)


I hope we get more pics

It would be nice to add the mexican air force livery for this plane!

I think the C-130 in the 2016 FDS livery would look great. I can see why some people would not like it on the C-130, the FDS livery is not a military livery. However if the 787-8 FDS livery is anything to go by, I’d say that not putting the FDS livery on the C-130 is a mistake. (This is all my opinion, if you disagree with my opinion that’s fine, I won’t get mad). :)


Seen that, until we don’t see a full body shot, we can’t be certain.

I will rather fly it with the air force liveries…

FDS Military special? 😉