C-130 General Information

Hey guys,

As we continue to release the update with the new C-130, I put together a simple guide for everyone to go by while learning to fly this amazing aircraft. I will be posting a video tutorial soon as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about this post.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Nice! Glad to hear a update!

thank you for this very useful guide! easy to understand.

For all the new IOS pilots out there, this is very helpful for yall

Thank you this information is very helpful. One thing I am still adjusting to, is how much thottle to give the plane before it starts moving, and keeping it under control on the ground. I also find myself looking for military fields such as KNKX or KWJF to takeoff and land…just sharing, happy flying all.

Thanks for this! Very helpful!

Very helpful, thanks Mark

What’s the maximum cruising altitude of the C-130?

that’s what i was thinking also?

I downloaded and saved that image to my photos on my phone so I can quickly refer to it. Very helpful!

Thank you for the awesome information; I will happily use it when flying the C-130 😉

Not sure but max ground speed for it is at ~25,000ft.

I’ll have to go out and do a coffin corner test.

What are the flap settings for the C-130?

It literally says that in the main post. Did you not read it?

I want to know all the available flap settings.

0%, 20%, 50%, 100%

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What is the N1/throttle percentage for takeoff?

Unlike jets where you can take off at 95-100%, I’ve heard that turboprops take off at 80-90%, and anything above 90% is only for emergency.

(Like Dash 8)


There is no N1 on C-130. But you take off with throttle at 100%.


What’s the maximum cruising altitude for C-130?


33,000 ft in real life and according to Wikipedia.