C-130 fuel planner

Looking for a accurate fuel planning website like Simbrief to use for the C-130. Simbrief dosent have the C-130 listed. Fuel planner.com does but doesn’t take into account different waypoint.


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Give some community members a few minutes to see if they can find something that works for you :)





Try using this website, it’s basic but it’s better than nothing.

I would see how accurate it is, simbrief usually gives a quick route so give some extra fuel using the calculations and I’m sure you can use both hand in hand with each other.



Ok cool what’s the website?

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My sincere apologies, I forgot to link it 😂. Check now. Good Luck!


Lol no worries. Yea I know of this it just gives a direct straight line point to point. Im looking for more like something Simbrief gives you as far as waypoints go.

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Why not use both? I regularly do this but just use the fuel calcs from simbrief and use another site for the waypoints. Don’t rely on one, that’s all I will say.


Yea I guess that’s a good idea. I’m just looking for a more accurate 130 fuel calculation.

Try online flight planner http://onlineflightplanner.org

I haven’t used it for the C130 but it has been fairly accurate for other aircraft

Additionally I use the following formula as a guide for fuel planning.

(FPL distance nm / 425 kts) +10% + 90mins.

Where FPL is total distance in NM, 425 is an average GS (you might have to adjust for the C130)

FPL = 550 nm

550nm/425 = 1.29 hrs = 77mins
85+90=175mins = 2hrs 55mins


I know about this website I’m pretty sure it gets the fuel calculation from fuel planner.

Yes it does, however as it works out a routing it will work it out more accurately

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Ok cool thanks for your help

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