C-130 Fuel Dump

Unless I’m a complete idiot and can’t find it, the C-130 cant dump fuel, IRL it can. When a dev has a minute to fix that would be cool. Thanks!

Hey there, only the heavies and supers are able to fuel dump I believe, and the c130 isn’t classed as a heavy
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Yea, I saw that in some of the discussions. Makes sense.

Although considering the 130 can fuel dump IRL it’d be nice if they could make the change, we’ll see.


Yea if it’s done in real life I don’t see why not.

This isn’t a feature request. Things like this shouldn’t be in this category features but instead be reported as issues :)

But I agree, if it’s there in real life then we should have it.

Moved around a vote for this. My guess it is just a value in the code:

Able to dump fuel? No

Not a dev but I think you can change that one value. And it’s fine.

It’s a military aircraft that might not apply to it especially in battle

If you look at the weight of C130 there isn’t any Max. LW, only MTOW. For this reason if you can take-off you can land without Fuel dump, thanks


The MTOW & MLW will be changing. As the figures aren’t the same IRL, and if fuel dump is a real life feature - it should probably be included for added realism

Well I’m real life LOTS of planes can dump fuel but even if the devs put it on 4 that takes valuable time away from bugs and necessary things that I think we can all agree need to come because if crash… etc issue with global. I really like your idea cause I did need to dump fuel on the C-139 the other day, but just don’t think is the right time to add it.

It shouldn’t necessarily have a high priority, but it would be nice if it got added along with the md-11, when it’s ready.

Yes it would be done the next thing after bugs and fixes are prob gunna be more scenery planes and little things like tha

Refueling mid air would be cooler in a military aircraft