C-130 Flying In Alaska

Hello everyone, today I decided to fly in Alaska with the C-130 just got fun! Also took off from runway 8 at PAJN, I hope you like the photo!

Server: Casual

Time: Afternoon


Aircraft: C-130

Thanks for looking at my pic, let me know what you think about it!


Good picture…add more with different angles - maybe a shoot from the open ramp looking on the mountains…!

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Juneau is some of the best, and most untouched scenery in IF.

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Wow, amazing shots! Love that scenery, it matches well with the C130:)

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Thanks @Rian16 @Jason5 @Captain_Merka!


One glorious picture. Might save it to my iPad Wallpaper background. The C-130 is an aircraft I admire a lot. 😍

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Found some beautiful scenery there I see! Nice pic