C-130 flying above Asia

This are some pictures taken above Asia while flying in a group with the C-130 variants. The flight was on training server yesterday at around 1900Z.

How good are the pictures?

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One imaged failed to go through.

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Yes, i have fixed it now

Certainly stunning, amazing job @infiniteflight_schoo!

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Love that 2nd picture!

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I gotta ask, how was the turbulence if there was any?

There was no turbulence at all! We had some tailwind i think but nothing more

These are amazing pictures! How did you accomplish the fog?

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When i have done there was a clear sky but you can edit the weather in the replay so i reduced the visibility to around 1 kilometer and when you are above FL100 this low visibility gets visible as fog

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Thanks I’ll have to try that sometime

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