C-130 first flight

I know I’m a little late but I’ve only just managed to fly the girl and OMG is she good!! I’ve loved the herc since i was kid and then I got to fly in her in 2011 and even more when my children got to play in one this year. I can’t vouch for the cockpit but I can for the “cargo hold” and it’s pretty much bang on. Well played devs and if this is the standard your setting then there’s a lot of late nights for you. Thank you for an awesome aircraft and keep up the blinding work.


Absolutely true, they definitely put a lot of overtime hours into this one. I hope that they’re so good at what they do that it was a breeze to implement. C-130 definitely lumbers about a little bit but it’s definitely a great addition to the fleet.

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MaxSez: I flew the jump and right sear on a Marine KC-130J from MCAS Futema to a dirt strip on the Kenya/Somalia border, a ten day trip with stops at Clark, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Mombassa, Nairobi and back. Plus I broke my butt on a lot of jumps & canvas seats Transpac’s as crew and pax in and around the Far East for a few years with MAG-36/VMGR-152. I’m here to tell you the IF 130 fleet is the bomb! Fly it Tactical, Assault Take Offs and Landings will give you a Rush. (Use 29 Stumps in SoCal or a high desert dirt strip.) Well Done FDS…



You talking about your girlfriend or a plane


@Fynn… MaxSez, The 130 not my one night stand with a butt ugly Sheila on my RR to Brisbane in 67.

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Gee now I feel like an idiot for not guessing that lol. Of course the plane not the girl. Haha


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