C-130 cockpit “broken”

So I found this in the c-130 cockpit relating to the HUD.

I would like to fly the c-130 with the cockpit and HUD like normal but the HUD doesn’t line up with the FPV nor the horizon.

Same thing with the Dash 8, I would assume it is so it won’t need to be changed when live cockpit arrives in the future

If it actually does for these to aircraft, although for the c-130 I don’t think till ever come because it seems they won’t ever rework military or add another military aircraft.

I’m sure that the team will get around to reworking/adding military aircraft. I mean, we got the A-10 :)

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An underpowered a-10, and as well pretty sure that thing came out of nowhere like I don’t ever remember seeing anything about it and bam there it is.

The HUD POV and the Cockpit POV are not in the same location which is why you’re seeing mixed results. The HUD and the cockpit were not intended to be used in conjunction with one another.

As for the off topic military rework/A-10 comments. It’s not suppose to be a fighter jet where it thrives in high altitudes. Rather a low level ground attack platform. Powerful down low, not up high. 🙂