C-130 20.2 model update assessment


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Suffix - “01“ 47 Sqn EAF (IFAEGAF)

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Device Information

iPadOS 13.7


Visual / Handling Inaccuracies with the alterations made to C-130 Models In the latest up date

Steps to reproduce

  • Trial 1 - Various flight hours to assess visual & handling characteristics of the C-130
  • Trial 2 - conducted a ground Assessment of visual features & ground handling characteristics.

Expected results

Describe the expected result

To assess / find inaccuracies with handling characteristics and the visual features of the updated model.

Actual results

My findings from both Trials 1/2

Is that the altered flying characteristics of the model have improved the in flight manoeuvrability, of the model. Furthermore the Ground handling performance improvements have also upgraded the model and given it a more realistic power settings / manoeuvrable features on the ground. Both updates to model have brought it in line / closer to the real life performance of the C-130.

However when utilising the reverse pitch the model still doesn’t accurately reflect the maximum reverse performance up to 10kts ground speed.

In addition related to my ground assessment of the model, the airframe is currently set a bit too high to accurately represent the ground clearance of the c-130. And should be set half way between the old and new airframe settings. Additionally the airframe still incorrectly shows the position of the rear strobe light on top of the tail, when it should be positioned on the fuselage in front of the tail. Both strobes also show as white currently, when they should both have a option to be set white or red like real life by IF users.

1) Background to the photos
Attached are images below of both new / old airframe models and real life shots of the c-130 to act as comparison.

2) Photos



This is not the place to ask for feature requests. Instructions specified not to report these type of issues on a plane that was not reworked.