Bye Super Decathlon, Hello XCUB

With the recent release of the XCUB taking the community bye storm i thought it would be nice to say a farewell to the Super Decathlon which has been removed!

Credit to @George_Anastasis who took the bottom two pictures on our formation flight!

i cannot wait to make great memories with the XCUB!


Time for me to grab Xcub photos!!πŸ‘Œ


same its such a photographic aircraft

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It’s sad to see the old and classic Super D leave the fleet but with the departure of it comes something so much better. A huge upgrade I’d say.


yes i totally agree we all love the classics but nothing can last forever

And I’m already at it!! ;)


Great! πŸ˜ƒ But also sad to say goodbye to the Super Decathlon. πŸ˜₯


hmm check my ig boy credit given as always aha

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yes sad to see it go but we got something more rewarding back

Nice Pictures!

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ik, give george the credit he took them on our formation flight

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I made a Video like this for my baby too, should I post it?

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