Bye-Bye, TravelSky Airlines! || Ceasing all operations effective immediately

We have ceased operations, check post #8 for further information. Thank you!

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TravelSky Airlines - Here to impress, not just to fly.

Discover one of Infinite Flight’s first and yet most advanced original virtual airlines!

We are proudly introducing TravelSky Airlines - Infinite Flight’s leading original classic virtual airline.
TravelSky has a long history to be proud of. Originally founded back in fall of 2014, the airline was one of the first professionally managed virtual airlines for Infinite Flight in the business. The airline has always aimed to set evermore higher standards which still is noticeable today. Core concepts, which are now largely considered to be obvious, such as fix route lists and booking systems, have gained popularity by the inventiveness and influence of TravelSky Airlines.
Despite its age, TravelSky Airlines has not lost any of its original brilliance and has always evolved with the developments in the virtual airline community. So here we are today - presenting a better TravelSky than ever before, with a great many of marvelous ideas still in our mind.

Our Vision

Making TravelSky a well-known and respected flagship in the virtual airline industry is the leading motive for all of our intentions. With the pioneering spirit still firmly anchored in our minds, we are striving to offer something new every time. The times where just being another virtual airline still brings you large popularity are over. With more and more, increasingly advanced virtual airlines emerging in the community, it is crucial to offer the extra bit that nobody else may offer. Finding this extra bit and always implementing it as well as possible is what we are here for.
We want our pilots to enjoy a virtual airline experience that is in fact different from the normal Infinite Flight adventure. Whether it is group flights, our career plans, the community within the airline, all of our different routes, whatever it is that gives us this certain something, it is what we want our pilots to be offered here at TravelSky.

An airline with happy pilots that enjoy their membership does not need large amounts of them. Size really doesn’t matter. It is what lies beyond a fancy community thread that really determines whether or not a virtual airline is a good one.

The Team

Besides our pilots flying all across the globe, there is a small group of dedicated TravelSky enthusiasts that ensure smooth operations within the airline with their work.

Airline Management:

@BavariaAVIATION: Chief Execuitve Officer / Head of airline, Webdesigner, Developer
@IceBlue: Second Chairman, Developer

Further Staff:

@Aviationluver: Event Manager
@hmkane: Head of Pilot Recruiting, Social Media Delegate
@the_simulation_nerd: Community Support

Find out more about our staff team on our website at !


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It is obvious that a vibrant fleet is absolutely essential for any airline. Thus, many factors have influenced our choice of aircraft to use for our commercial services.
After evaluting aircraft by judging whether they fit our needs or are economic, modern and innovative solutions, considering all of our options in the game, and attempting to resemble a realistic real-world airline, this is the fleet we have decided on.

Aircraft of all sizes, ranges, capacities and manifacturers guarantee diversity and fun while flying!

Medium Range:

  • Airbus A319-100
  • Airbus A320-200
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-800

Long Range:

  • Airbus A330-300
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Boeing 747-8i
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner


  • Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
  • Embraer E190

Check out the fleet page on our website ( for various images of our aircraft, information texts and much more!


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And we do not lie about that nor exaggerate. With a route network of over 3000 individual routes connecting more than 200 destinations in 52 countries all over the globe, TravelSky is able to offer one of, if not the most diverse, extensive and yet well thought through flight connections.

We have focused our operations on mostly holiday travel in the contiguous United States, Europe, the Caribbean as well as numerous other, well and less well-known intercontinental destinations.
TravelSky - operating under the callsign TSK is serving all routes originating in the US, TravelSky Europe, our european and not necessarily smaller subsidary connects people on all routes originating in Europe, using the callsign TSE.

Our general route structure is orientated by the point-to-point model of commercial aviation.
Therefore, we do not have certain hubs where all our flights originate, but a handful of “Focus City Airports” and “Home Base Airports” in each main region.

These Focus City airports are

  • Portland International, Oregon (KPDX)
  • Oakland Metropolitan, California (KOAK)
  • Houston - George W. Bush Intercontinental, Texas (KIAH)
  • St.Louis - Lambert International, Missouri (KSTL)
  • Pittsburgh International, Pennsylvania (KPIT)
  • Raleigh-Durham International, North Carolina (KRDU) and
  • Orlando International, Florida (KMCO)

in the United States. Our european focus cities are

  • Munich - F.J. Strauß International, Germany (EDDM),
  • Naples, Italy (LIRN),
  • Barcelona - El Prat, Spain (LEBL),
  • Paris-Orly, France (LFPO),
  • Manchester, United Kingdom (EGCC) and
  • Oslo-Gardermoen, Norway (ENGM).

Check out our interactive, customly modifiable route map here and see all of our destinations and routes yourself!

Right below here is just a taste of what you can expect:

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Screenshot (924)


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Over the course of almost four years that we have been in the virtual airline business for, we have learned that it is fundamential to offer a diversified, exciting, challenging and yet tempting career to the pilots.
As we know that everybody is looking for a different type of virtual airline career, we have come up with three individual career plans, each one with their very own charms.
With this variety of career plans, we ensure that our airline convinces any kind of pilot out there. Whether you like to have a lot of freedom or less freedom, whether you want to recieve credits for every flight or not - you will find a career plan that suits your interests.

Check the career plans down below for further detail:

  • free.flight:

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  • NEW:

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Are you interested in joining TravelSky Airlines?
Check for our minimum requirements and a direct possibility to join still today - quickly and straightforward.

Charter Program

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Your paying customers are waiting, but your entire fleet is out and about? You can’t meet the demand for one of your flights and your planes’ capacity is too small? Don’t worry, we’re on our way - easily charter TravelSky planes and crew for your flights!

One of TravelSky’s unique features is our aircraft and crew charter program.
Originally introduced in 2016, retired and now back in business, this concept is the first of its kind among all Infinite Flight virtual airlines.

So how does it work?
With our charter program, any virtual airline owner or staff member can rent our aircraft and pilots for one of their flights. Simply head over to and book directly via the website.
Your flight will then be reviewed and we will look for a pilot to do the flight.
Based on the qualifications/licenses of each of our pilots and your route specifications (required range, capacity etc.) we will provide an aircraft from our diverse fleet.
If no pilot can be found to do the flight at the time you requested, your flight booking might be relocated or cancelled.

This means that we can by no means guarantee that your flight will be taken over by us, but we will not save any efforts to ensure it will and find economic and efficient solutions for any kind of flight tasks.

Are you interested?
Before booking, please check the respective page on our website here and read the provided information thoroughly before sending a request!
We look forward to working with you and helping you!


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What is YourTravelSky?

In the quickest way we can put this - YourTravelSky is our in-flight entertainment magazine right on our website.
Do you ever get bored on your now everlasting, trans-oceanic Infinite Flight flights? You don’t have any in-flight entertainment screens or flight magazines at home? As you probably can’t deny that, let us introduce you our rescue: YourTravelSky, our regularly refreshed online TravelSky flight magazine.
We will mostly post short and long interesting articles about various aspects of TravelSky, Infinite Flight and aviation in general. For instance, you will be able to see regular destination spotlights of our global TravelSky destinations, interviews with various TravelSky members or just posts about the joy and wonder of flight.

And even better yet - it’s all absolutely free of charge. This means that you will have unrestricted access to the entirety of our YourTravelSky content at all times without paying a single penny.
Where else do you get in-flight entertainment for free?

We consider widening our YourTravelSky offer to multimedia content such as audio and video content in the future and you can always check our official instagram page for pictures and posts about TravelSky.
Did we arouse your interest? Check out our selection of articles here and visit us again soon for new, regular content for you to enjoy.
The very first article about the future of post-global Infinite Flight and TravelSky Airlines is already out, so feel free to check it out! It is certainly worth the read!

Contact / Support

Do you have any questions regarding TravelSky Airlines? Do you have improvement proposuals for our website or our virtual airline or are you experiencing issues with TravelSky?
Drop us a message and our staff will get back to you quickly!

Easiest for us and fastest for you is a direct message via the Infinite Flight Community forum.
Don’t hestitate and send us a personal message! Choose a contact person below.
To achieve the upmost possible comfort for both our staff and the community, we offer pilot support in both English and German.

If you already are a pilot for TravelSky Airlines, send us a direct message on Slack!

Thank you for checking us out! We look forward to welcoming you in our airline very soon!
If you want to find out even more about us, we highly suggest visiting our our website at

bavariaaviation - CEO TravelSky Airlines

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Disclaimer / Additional Information

Permission to post this thread has been recieved by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regularity Board, meaning that we are an official, reviewed and verified Infinite Flight Virtual Airline.

The TravelSky Airlines Group is an entirely voluntary third-party contribution solely founded to entertain and benefit the Infinite Flight community. TravelSky and all of its contents is therefore not influenced, managed or sponsored by Infinite Flight or FlyingDevelopmentStudios LLC.

All information portrayed in this thread is limited to our knowledge and extensive research. If any of the information displayed in this thread is incorrect in your opinion, please let us now using a private message here on the forum and we will happily correct in order no misinformation is spread via our community thread.
Furthermore, all information specified about the airline is subject to constant changes and updates by TravelSky Airlines Social Media Delegates.

Lastly, all image graphics in this thread have been created by TravelSky, meaning that we obtain all intellectual property to these images, excluding the background content. The images therefore may not be copied and re-used anywhere else without explicit, written permission of TravelSky airline management staff.
The latter as well applies to the TravelSky logo, including watermarks.


Awesome. TSK is the best!

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Have you tried YourTravelSky yet?

Check out our first article and many more in the future for absolutely free by hitting the banner above!

Here’s a little taste of our first article, discussing the topic of the future of Infinite Flight and TravelSky after the global update. It’s definitely worth checking out!

“It is justified to say that for many this small mobile app has become somewhat like a settled part of their daily free time schedule, more than a hobby, a passion. A passion that might have worsened a great many of school grades, but time was perfectly spent for.”


“We have taken off from London Heathrow countless times, we have flown into Aspen-Pitkins way too often, we have blown away way too many virtual tourists from a virtual Maho Beach with a virtual jet blast.”


"Global Flight is not just an update, it’s a vastness of closed doors we can now open, we can discover what’s beyond them, it’s a spirit.
A new era for Infinite Flight has begun, new journeys begin, and you decide where they will go."

Our next article is already in the works, another time about Infinite Flight, but focusing on another topic. You can certainly look forward to it!
Also, let us know your feedback, possible topics we should discuss in a future article or any other of your thoughts in the blog comments. We can’t wait to hear your opinions!

love to see the effort put into VAs like this, awesome job here guys!

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Sun has already set in Salzburg, Austria as this TravelSky Europe flight arrives from Malaga, Spain. The Airbus will now rest on the airport apron until it leaves for the next adventures tomorrow morning!
TravelSky is now officially running at full speed after our global update, be sure to join the team, discover the world flying for TravelSky and choose from over 3000 different routes!

Check for details!
We look forward to flying with you.

Touchdown in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina for this TravelSky flight from Little Rock, Arkansas!
We’re almost there, our planes are out and about to get everybody home for the weekend.
Get your ticket now for your landing at TravelSky and choose from over 3000 individual routes!

Join us now at,
we look forward to flying with you!

TravelSky Airlines - Here to impress, not just to fly.


My compliments on a supurb website and your well thought business plan.

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With a heavy heart, we are afraid to announce the closure of TravelSky Airlines, effective immediately.

After three adventurous years of ups and downs, successes and setbacks, we have come to the conclusion that its best shutting down the airline here and now. None of us in the rehearsed TravelSky team is able to keep up with the high demands in terms of time and effort investment due to school, flying education and many other factors.
The unexpectedly - let’s face the facts - horrible interest in the airline even after a complete restructurization and new impulses with the global update has also lead us to question whether the upholding of the airline and our time and effort is still worth attempting.
In the end, we realized that the answer to this question might just be: No. It’s not.

It comes with great regret and gratefulness towards our few loyal and active pilots that we have decided to quit with TravelSky despite their interest and time over the course of the last years.

Ultimately, I would like to thank my fantastic team behind TravelSky for always supporting the project and bringing things forward, even if forced to put back personal interests at some points. Thank you for your accompaniment and support without which the airline would have never come to this point and would have never been as good as it is now. Thanks guys.

So now, there’s nothing left to say, but a final thank you, goodbye and ever happy flying.

BavariaAVIATION - CEO TravelSky Airlines


Sad to see you go TravelSky. You have left us good memories.


Really upset to see this VA go. It’s been going as long as I can remember good luck with whatever you decide to do in future!

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This is very unfortunate. You guys looked really good on the outside. Good luck down the road and we will all be waiting over the rainbow. ;)

Warm Regards


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