Bye Bye Training!

Today I get my grade 3 back and to celebrate I made 1 last training server flight!

Boring Facts

Flight time: 0:46
Server: Training

Loading the passengers and cargo

A rocket takeoff!

Climbing over the Beutifial California mountains

Over one of the many lakes in California

Desending into Phoenix

On final

An Acceptable landing

Unloading the passengers!

It was a great flight! I highly recommend this route.
I’ll be back at 2021-01-06T01:26:00Z!

Which one was your favorite?
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Thanks for viewing “From now, until next time, see you in the skies!” - Jeb Brooks


great to know! Hoping to see you in the sky!

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Cool Photos!

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Remember to follow the rules seriously ^^ Happy Flying on Expert Server!

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Thank you @USA_ATC @IF_Wallpapers @Vinh_Qu_c

Welcome to expert 🤗

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Not yet though but thanks

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Amazing shots! Welcome back to expert as well!


Thank you!
I’ve never had so much activity in such little time on my posts lol


Lol, nice shots by the way

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Thank you!

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