Bye Bye Air NZ All Blacks 777

I am rather upset, and annoyed to have to post this here, but it is rumoured that Air New Zealand have repainted their All Blacks Boeing 777-300ER ZK-OKQ into their standard colours.

I am awaiting confirmation from the airline that it is true…

Long Live the livery on Infinite Flight, but I am gutted that I will never see this one fly over, or into Heathrow again.

SIGN THE PETITION to bring it back HERE -


rest in pepperonis :c


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At least there keeping the 777, when I first saw the title I thought they were removing it from the fleet ;(

Anyone know what happened to it?

It was painted in to a refreshed livery. The same as they did with ZK - OAB. It’s the same livery as the black 787-9… Here’s what it looks like now


I signed. I really hate that they’re removing the all blacks. In my opinion, everything looks great if not better in black. The 77W is my favorite plane, and it looks gorgeous in the All blacks livery. It’ll be sad to see her go.😭

we still got the allblack 787-9:D

It still survives

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