Bye Bye 9H-MIP, you were the most beautiful A380 of all time....

Hey Guys, i just want to inform you, 9H-MIP is going out of service today, after their last Charter from Shanghai to Hamburg, it is now time to say goodbye…

If you want to see 9H-MIP ingame, take a look here:

i missed it to spot it in Hamburg, but it is over now…


Really nice looking livery it wore. Even though I really don’t like the A380, it’s a shame to see it go. It will certainly be missed by many.

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Thank you for spreading the important message HiFly.

I will miss this beautiful art! 👋

These are my lucky pictures from my spotting topic last year: Paris Le Bourget Airshow Spotting 2019 June


Did you just tilt that photo or did the plane bank that far left? 😂


Not tilted 😏


Yesterday at Beja Airport, unfortunately I will never see this wonderful livery again, I was lucky to see for the first time that an A380 landed for the first time in Portugal in 2018.


Thank you for sharing these pictures, i like them <3

I sadly missed it twice in Hamburg on its last Charter, the A388 arrived at night time, stayed the day at a horrible possition and then left one night later. So no chance for me sadly…

It is not to late for coral reefs, but it is too late for 9H-MIP

My favorite A380 along ANA Flying Honus. Beautiful livery, and a very important message too! This livery will be sadly missed!

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It’s extremely sad to see this retired iconic aircraft. Hi Fly Malta will be the second airline to retire its sole A380 after Air France.

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