Bye and Hey!

Flying Sunday From The New Terminal in Panama City, Panama to the busiest airport in the world Atlanta, United States Of America


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 3.15h
Aircraft: B737-800

Leaving Panama City In the Evening Hours

Arriving into ATL with fog just in time till the night fall


Very glad to see Panama City featured in the ATC week schedules, and very proud to be the author of redoing the folder in the editing team’s database. ❤

You meant the “busiest” airport in the world?

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Yes sir sorry about that. Is the new terminal nice?

Haven’t been in Panama since last year January. I’ll definitely visit the new terminal when I return home.

Very cool shot love the angle of it, I saw you take off, very happy to see MPTO busy with ATC! I hope you had a great flight to Atlanta! 🇵🇦☺️

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Thank You. Saw you too flying around the area!

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