BWI Spotting 11/10

So I spent a little time at Friendship Park right next to BWI. Most of the arrivals were Southwest and the weather was cold.
I was only using my phone (Google Pixel 2) so excuse the blurry and over edited photos. 😉

A 737-700 right over the fence.

Another 737-700, this one is at a distance.

Here’s a 737-800.

Want another 737-800? Coming right at you!

Here’s one again!

How about a black and white 737-800 to make it interesting again, maybe.

A Delta MD80 on final.

An American A320 coming in for landing.

One of the Southwest special liveries came to visit.

Lastly my favorite photo from the day of a 737-800 above the grass.

That’s all! Thank you for looking at my spotting pictures. If there is anything I can do better or any advice don’t hesitate to let me know.


@HiFlyer @Grizpac it is our Favorite airport! Great photos! BWI is basically my second home so I love to see other members of the Infinite Flight Community give some love to BWI too! Great photos! Friendship Park is a great place to plane spot no matter your skill. The reason there is so many inbound Southwest aircraft is because Southwest calls BWI their crew base and hub airport. I believe BWI gets more flights than Midway believe it or not! So yes, Southwest dominates BWI.


Great photos! Should’ve gone to DCA, but glad you enjoyed your time. Although, @Grizpac won’t be happy that you’ve exposed his favorite spot in Maryland.


Thank you for spotting here at my home airport I appreciate it when this airport gets attention. I’m just haven’t gotten the time yet to get out to BWI and spot.

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These one’s are 737-800’s by the way 😉
Great pics though

Yeah some of the pics were actually 800s, but that’s besides the point lol. Some stunning pictures, wish I had been to Baltimore once in my life, but seems like you had a good time!

Great pictures. Just gotta love those pixels. Lol😂😂

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Absolutely love those split schimitars 😍

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