Buzz 737 800

Buzz will still operate scheduled and charter flights from its bases in Poland, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria and aims to expand its fleet from 17 Boeing 737-800s to 25 by summer 2019.
I think it will be a awesome livery to BUZZ around Europe ☺️

Looks nice :) But i think thats a B737 Max

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they also have a NG I think.

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Yes they have 47 B737-800 in the Ryanair livery because this is Ryanair Sun i think. The Buzz livery are for the “new” B737 Max… but i dont know if there is a B737 NG with an Buzz livery.


I’m pretty sure they will repaint the Ryanair sun to the BUZZ 🐝 in the 737-800

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I heard they were meant to be repainted however they delayed it because of the pandemic

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Nope there is not, Ryanair Sun and Buzz is actually 1 company orginally Ryanair was commence their new daughter company as Ryanair Sun but they changed the name later so all SP registered AC is officially Buzz/Ryanair Sun AC some of the 800 has the “Operated by Buzz” on their fuselage but still flying with Rynair Livery
There is also some 737-8200 with Ryanair livery but whit SP registration
Buzz livery is only carrier by SP-RZA/SP-RZB/SP-RZC/SP-RZD/RZE/RZF/RZG/RZH

SP-RZI/RZK/RZL/RZM/RZO still flying with the Ryanair livery

nice livery would look cool to see it in game

This looks cute!

I dont think that they will do so… for political reason

For political reason ?

Probably legal reasons due to the different countries with different regulations.

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