Buying subscriptions

Hi guys i was about to buy 1 month subscription in IF but the button done on the right doesnt work can someone please help

Hey, have you tried restarting the application?

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Yes i have

Hello! Thanks for your attempted purchase of Infinite Flight Pro. Each country’s App Store sets their specific tax/fee for the purchase. It’s quite possible your $10 balance does not cover those taxes, thus not completing the transaction. Feel free to contact us by messaging @support or send an email to for more assistance!

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Can you tell me what the tax price in america cause my region is United States

It’s not quite that simple unfortunately.
Purchase tax is managed by each respective state, so it depends on which state you’re in.
So you’ll have to refer to the documentation and information relevant for your state to determine what the price is.

It should also say when you attempt to make the purchase in the app. $9.99 + the tax amount.


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