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Hi everyone i hope you all having a great day.ok today i bought a 10$ dollar gift card in my iPhone so i opened infinite flight to buy the 1 month subscription and as i do that there was nothing to pay with gift card or buying it with gift card and the gift card really added to my balance on app store.I really need someone to help me in that.

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Have you checked your balance on the AppStore>>Account to see if the gift card was redeemed?


I see that you have 10$ in your account, and It didn’t seem to work. I recommend the following links I have provided below.

Hope this helps mate! Cheers and have a good one! 🙂

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Hi.yes as I said it did redeem my problem is Im trying to buy it on infinite flight and there is no way to change the payment to buy it from my balance or the gift card i mean

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Do you have a sufficient amount of money to purchase a new sub? Because $10 (Dont quote me on this but i dont know what taiwanese to AUD is), but for example with AUD, a 1 month sub is around $12.99 and you have purchased a $10 gift card, so you would need at least $3 in your account, which will add up and combine into the addition of the amount of money you are adding to it.

Or have you got sufficient amount in an account already?

None of this is relevant to the issue, so not quite sure why it’s mentioned? eGUI Taiwan feels rather off too? :)

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It was someting I found in a similar topic regarding the OP buying a PRO Sub with a gift card.

Removed. Sorry about that.

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When subscribing on the App Store, you will be asked to add/use a permanent payment method (e.g. Paypal or credit card), because they need to know how to renew the subscription, regardless whether you have gift card balance or not.

Just add/use a regular payment method and buy the subscription. Your gift card balance will be used first automatically. If you don’t want your payment method to be charged for the renewal, just cancel the subscription right away.

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Look i dont have any PayPal to pay with it

I didntunderstand very well but no i bought 10$ usd

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