Buying Subscription Please, help me!

So, I bought Live, but the payment has passed and there was no access to it . Bought 2 times and these times were unsuccessful : C
Display Name - MrVladFeed 125RUS
Callsign - Aeroflot 125 Heavy
Online time - 23h56mn
Standng - 100 %
Please, help me!!! :)

Did any payment go through?

Yes i did)

Sorry for my English(

@MrVladFeed English looks fine to me :)

If yuor payment went through, first try a full reset/uninstall, but also either PM or use the support button on to contact David :)

in how many hours? and what time zone of David?

David is California time, but you can PM him now if you want as It wont wake him up. He is DIsraelFDS .

“DisraelFDS” its him nick?

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Thanks ;))

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I forwarded your message on to Matt. I don’t have access to any of the subscription data or systems.