Buying regions on global flight.

I am very excited about the initiation of global flight on IF and finally hope that I can fly any where in the world but I have some questions about it? Will the new regions be free to play or do we have to buy them? And is every airport included or is it just some additional major airports?

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Nobody knows

I think if you have gave a minimum amount of money (planes,regions,live etc.) you should get it free, my question is, if it was to come with live (I would think both packages) would you still get global flight after the membership expires? or would global flight only be for live? Other than that it should be free for people who have spent like 25 bucks

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And to answer the original topic I think if it’s for sale it would be global flight as a whole not per region or else it would just be adding like 30 regions

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If I am not wrong,Isn’t these region created by volunteers instead of FDS’s own developer’s?. If those volunteers are not being paid why should any one pay for those regions any way, isn’t it unfair?. FDS will take away all the profit with out even contributing any man power themselves.

I have bought 6 planes and a total of 2 months of live how much is that?

what planes?

oh i didn’t know that

Most hints suggest that people with live+ (yearly subscription) will get some sort of benefit when global comes out such as cheaper stuff whatever it is or acces to it. Something like that

A330, A320, 777 300ER, 738, 739 and Dash 8. Plus 2 months of live.

You know I found this very handy tool it’s called… A calculator


then 40 bucks

I live in South East Asia at the same city as @SingaporeAirlines so I don’t really know how much is $1 to my currency.

so singapore dollar?

Thanks. Maybe I do spend some cash in this Sim.

The regions themselves are created by FDS Employees. The airports are taken from XPlane and then edited by volunteers who do it for fun on their own time. So, FDS Employees still do a lot of work on the regions.

@SingaporeAirlines live in Jakarta so, Indonesian Rupiah, the last time I heard it was like 14,000 - > $1

well 40 bucks in singapore dollars is like 55 bucks ur currency about

oh nvm then