Buying region or aircraft

Hey, guys. I just have enough money to buy 2 aircraft or 2 regions. Should I buy Hawaii or Seattle or 777-200F or 777-200ER or 747-8? I can only buy 2 things. which one should I buy? I like Seattle because it has Boeing factory in it, Hawaii is good because it usually busy with Advanced ATC.

777-200F and Hawai

Why is that?

Hawaii, wait for the 787 cuz it will be worth it.


I think you should get Hawaii and get the 747-8 so that you can do global fights from Hawaii when the update comes out.


Which ever 777 you wanna purchase depends solely if you wanna go commercial or cargo. If you want to get the 748 it is best to get Seattle as it has more airports to accomodate it. Hawaii doesn’t have many airports for large aircraft to fly within. Seattle and an aircraft of your choice is the best choice.

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I’ve spent over $150 on the game. Take my advice-
Boeing 777-200F
St Marteen region

I already bought Caribbean

But I’m pretty sure global will be paid.

Dow. When is even going to come out?

Personally I think it’ll come out next year around this time. It may come out earlier, it may come later.


The 748 and Seattle, perfect combo

if global flight is not free, i will just save more money and wait for it

I you think on buying the 777, do it after the update.

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It wont be free. Potentially it will be discounted for Live+ members but even then it’ll still cost extra

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I will buy live+ next year when global flight comes out

Probably. But if you buy it, then you can do it. I hope it’s not paid.

I would go for Hawaii


I hope you will be able to buy global without having live