Buying Pro

Hi, is there any way that I can buy IF Pro rather buying on the app itself?


Not that I know of, you’ll need buy both of them to play the game


If you’re asking if you can buy the Pro subscription on a dedicated website or store, and not in the Infinite Flight application, unfortunately you are unable to do so. Pre-global, there was a website you were able to visit where you had the option to purchase a multiplayer subscription without using the Infinite Flight app. This purchasing option was removed in late 2017, and to date (and for the forseeable future, I imagine), you will have to buy the Pro subscription using the in-app store.

I hope this was the answer you were looking to find and have a great day!

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You have to buy the app and then buy a subscription for Infinite flight Pro, i had isues with this too but its realy that simple, i hope i was a help to you

Well, I bought the app now, So I will buy it later

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